Inpatient Pharmacy is comparable to a philharmonic orchestra. In each case, an assortment of distinct, yet interconnected instruments or tasks are performed simultaneously to achieve a common objective. The success of each participant and task adds to the success of the group. In each case, the appropriate instruments are a must for success. Over time, R. C. Smith has developed and refined a wide range of modular casework products specifically engineered to create functional, efficient and ergonomic Inpatient Pharmacies.



Outpatient and retail pharmacy is where it all started for R.C. Smith over 40 years ago and has continued to be a strong component of our company over the years. Today, expectations related topatient consultation, patient privacy, ADA requirements and automation have all affected how we design outpatient pharmacies and the products that we have developed to meet the needs of a successful outpatient pharmacy operation. A well laid-out pharmacy makes it easy for customers to find what they need, prompts them to purchase add-ons and allows for efficient work processes for your staff. The proper casework is an important part of creating that environment.